Broker Meets Biotech

Adelaide | Brisbane | Perth

Broker Meets Biotech offers listed and IPO-ready companies the opportunity to present their investment case to a captive audience of brokers, investors and high-net-worth individuals. The 2017 Series will include Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane.

Over the past three years, audiences of up to 150 brokers and investors have attended events across Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth to hear presentations from biotech companies across a range of industries and stages of growth.

Each event opens with a keynote presentation from a biotech analyst, leading industry figure or government representative, followed by four to five, ten-minute presentations from listed biotech companies. The program is structured to provide ample time for questions and networking.

Attendance at Broker Meets Biotech events is by invitation, guaranteeing that at least 75% of the audience are brokers, financial advisors, investors or high-net-worth individuals.

To register your interest as a presenter for 2017 please fill out and sign this form. Spaces for each event are limited and companies receive a discount on multiple bookings.

If you would like to attend or want more information about the Broker Meets Biotech series please contact Caitlin Murray, Events Coordinator, on 03 9828 1400 or


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